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Ozone Health

Ozone Oil Breathing System


Ozone Oil Breathing Systems feature all component required to breath Ozone through Oil. Includes each of the following: 1) NEW in the box WPS-100 Ozone generator with Lifetime factory warranty from manufacturer. 2) 1 - 5 LPM Oxygen Generator 3) 1 - 1000 ml Ozone Oil Bubbler 4) All required Tubing 5)...

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Synergy Systems Cold Corona Ozone Generator Twin Chamber


The all new WPS-400 Ozone Generator - a high quality oxygen-fed ozonator. The WPS-400 Ozone Generator is an ideal source for creating ozone. The WPS-400 Ozone Generator features cold corona discharge, and is fed by an oxygen source, either an oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator (both sold separately)....

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Synergy Systems Cold Corona Ozone Generator WPS 100


This is for a NEW in the box Ozone generator with Lifetime factory warranty from manufacturer. Retails 599 new Synergy WPS-100 Single chamber Ozone Generator. Ozone water purification Comes with,power cord,input hose, output silicon hose and a stone aerator. This unit is 110/120 volt a/C USA current...

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5 LPM Portable Oxygen Generator


OLV-B1 portable oxygen concentrator is the most lightest, smallest and quietest oxygen concentrator for travel and ambulatory oxygen needs. It has three power suppliers: First, it is can be used for cars. With an adapter to connect the car and the machine, customer can absorb oxygen smoothly while driving,...

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Stainless Steel Ozone Diffuser


Ozone Diffuser This Ozone Diffuser provides fine bubbles to which results in superior ozonation of water or oxygenation of water as you choose. We have tested this unit side by side to other diffuser and found this unit to be the best available. 1 high precision filter: pore stability, will not change...

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Silicone Catheters for Ozone Insufflation


100% Silicone Catheters can be used with ozone therapy for ozone insufflations. If you're interested in doing ozone insufflation, you need these silicone catheters. Sixteen inches long, they are manufactured with 100% medical grade silicone. They are sterile, latex-free and PVC free. Made in the the...

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