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VieLight: Light Therapy Technology for Mental and Body

Invention of the world’s first intranasal and intranasal-transcranial combination light therapy for holistic healing of the body and mind, also portable.

The Vielight products have been developed for the holistic restoration of the mind and body using the natural therapeutic properties of light energy. They combine the science of photobiomodulation with neuroscience, particle physics, physiology, and engineering to make the products effective, safe, and portable. The concept of intranasal near-infrared therapy and its combination with transcranial modulation of the default mode network of the brain are breakthrough inventions. Today research labs around the world are putting some of these devices into clinical tests, particularly in the quest to resolve neuro-degenerative diseases and difficult neurologic conditions. The common denominator of all Vielight products is that they are portable, affordable, and easy to use.


VieLight Neuro Intra-Nasal Alpha Lightly used


We have one lightly used Vielight Neuro Alpha for sale! Discounted from the retail price of 1749.00 Pulses at 10 Hz Wavelength : 810 nm Diode : LED Duration : 20 minutes (auto-timed) Power Source : Rechargeable via power socket Purpose : Overall brain function The Vielight Neuro Alpha is one of two next-generation...

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