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2 LPM Portable Oxygen Concentrator High Purity Continuous Flow OLV-B
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Oxygen flow: 2 LPM Concentrator Continuous Flow with 5 Settings

Oxygen Purity: 93%+5%/-3% at any settings

This standard package include: 1 oxygen concentrator, 1 battery, 1 battery charger, 1 car inverter, 1 nasal cannula, 1 humidifier bottle, 1 spare filter, 1 trolley.

Includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery . Battery supports 2 hours of operation at all flows, extra battery is optional.

Supported in car and truck 12V cigarette lighter and outdoor

Support 24 hours operation per day

Purity alarms, Green Light=Normal, Yellow=Caution <82%, Red with Audible Alarm=Warning <72%

Power fail alarm, battery capacity indicator

Support for 110V US Standard.

Filter support 3000 hours of operation.

This portable oxygen concentrator provides higher purity (i.e above 88%) at 5 LPM for those requiring the extra benefits..

This portable oxygen concentrator is extremely quite, has many extra features and provides higher oxygen concentration than others in its class. The battery will last longer than other comparable units.

It has three power supplies:

First, it is can be used for cars. With its 12V adaptor to connect the car and the machine, the customer can absorb oxygen smoothly and happily while driving, and the mini structure of this oxygen generator takes itself little space.
Second, it is portable with a rechargeable battery, light and bag carrying.
Third, it has a longlife 2 Hour battery and oncludes portable bag along with a roll cart, allowing you to carry it to all your travel destinations.
 FDA approved, and also Germany TUV CE and ISO 13485 certified
Continuous Flow  and Pulse Flow Oxygen Generator Provides for higher output


   The concentration of the oxygen produced by our product is adjustable when in continous Flow mode within the range of 90%-93%. When producing oxygen with concentration of 93% and flow rate of 1L/min, this portable oxygen generation plant is suitable for people who need to inhale high-concentration low-flow oxygen. When producing oxygen having concentration of 40% and flow rate of 5L/min, our portable oxygen concentrator is appropriate for people who need to inhale low-concentration high-flow oxygen.
This portable oxygen concentrator whose oxygen output is 1-5L/min is small and light. Therefore, it is quite suitable for mobile use. Combined with an adapter for vehicle, this oxygen producing machine can easily be transported in vehicles. With rechargeable battery, this machine can be used when people travel. This is a cost-effective product appropriate for those of all ages groups. 
  This portable oxygen concentrator offers a great outdoor oxygen supply solution for patients who have to go out for a short time.  Inhaling oxygen with this oxygen  generator may help to regain energy. This portable oxygen concentrating equipment is available for home health care of pregnant women or elderly people.
1-5L/min portable oxygen concentrator adopts pressure swing adsorption (PSA) physical technology to produce oxygen thus is safe and economical to use. This portable unit is with car adapter and it can be used in the car. Free oxygen inhalation time setting: The user can adjust oxygen inhalation time according to practical need. Additional Batteries available upon request. 
☆0 - 5 LPM with 90-93% oxygen purity, 43 dB (nominal) at any setting,☆ Product size:10.2x7.7x15.2 in, ☆weight: 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg) without battery,☆ Includes 1×headset oxygen breather assembly. An additional Nasal Canula is available for free upon request!
Anion option produces negative ions and may provide positive health benefits that no other units support. This is a High Tech feature at no additional cost to our customers.  
Low noise, less than 40db(A)




Flow Rate:

.3 to 2 lpm




Purity Oxygen:

88%-93% (1L/min,95%) (5L/min 90%)


AC 110V - Ask for 220V unit if required

Outlet pressure:

0.04~0.06 Mpa 

Noise : 

less than 40dB(A)

Net Weight:  



245 (L) x 181 (W) x 365 (H)mm


One year or 5,000 hours

Standard Accessories:

1× Oxygen concentrator
1× headset oxygen breather
1× lithium battery
1× battery charger
1× AC-DC Car Inverter
1× Power cord
1× Portable bag
1× User manual



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