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  • Dehumidification Capacity This dehumidifier can dehumidify 4 Gallons in one day (at 30 °C 90% RH environment), built-in 1.8L water tank and continuous drainage option. When the water tank is full, the tank alarm system will warn and automatically close,manual drainage is required if you need it continue working. Continuous automatic drainage can be achieved with a 2 meter long water pipe.
  • Great Convenience Intelligent control panel, intelligent time control system, hidden and flat handle, removable water reservoir. Advanced negative ion air purification and activated carbon filter bring you new experience of dehumidification.
  • Easy To Operate Inofia dehumidifier is easy to use. It has one button to turn on and off. auto stop and alarming functions available if the tank is full for extra security. 24 hours timer setting, provide you a comfortable air when you go home.
  • Application SiteThe dehumidifier is suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, basements, garbage, motor homes, etc.,and is intended for any indoor space up to 1500 SQ FT.


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