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HyperBaric Oxygen Chamber HardShell 30 inch Diameter 1.5 ATA
$29,000.00 inc. tax


BAOBANG is one of the best hard type hyperbaric chamber. THis hard type hyperbaric chamber is designed for durability, comfort. Purchase this  hyperbaric chamber wound care at an affordable price . This item is designed for practitioner and doctors office environment and every day use.

How Does HBOT Enhance Wound Healing?

The combination of high pressure and pure oxygen used in HBOT may help your body support health at several levels.

The atmospheric pressure is adjustable to your discrimination.  In a high-pressure chamber environment – more oxygen will enter into the lungs. 

Once that extra oxygen is in your lungs, it heads into the bloodstream and gets delivered to cells all over your body.  Your cells can actually absorb more oxygen in a high-pressure environment than they can in normal pressure situations.

Every healing process in your bones, soft tissues, and cells depends on having enough oxygen.  By exposing yourself to high quantities of high oxygen – as recieved during HBOT treatments, the bodys natural healing capabilities may be stimulated.

Allow 30 to 40 days for delivery


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