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LiveO2 Home Training System with 5 LPM Oxygen Generator
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If you're using your oxygen generator during exercise, this system be added to increase results by over 400%! 

Want reduced inflammation in 2 minutes?
How about far more energy for workouts and daily life?
How about faster healing?
Better sleep?
Superior immunity? 

Did you know 1 15 min session of LiveO2 is more effective than a hyperbaric chamber session?

If you already have the oxygen generator, all you need to do is add LiveO2 upgrade kit.

Instead of breathing in a “little” O2 from your generator and blending it with room air, you can now breathe every breath with 93% oxygen no matter how hard you exercise. Thats impossible with your current face mask, nasal cannula or head set. The Nobel Price winning Doctor who discovered the benefits of oxygen therapy, Dr. Warburg paved the way for Dr. Manfred von Ardenne to publish Oxygen Multistep Therapy. Now you can do the same protocol in your home that Von Ardenne did!  

This state of the art home training system delivers optimal oxygenation Training at 50+ liters per minute.  This system delivers the highest level of performance available.

This system uses brand new oxygen concentrator rated for 30,000 hours of use and a 1 year warranty.  

* Oxygen Reservoir
* High Volume Breather Hose
* High Volume Oxygen Mask
* Oxygen Concentrator Connector Hose
* Adhesive Wall Hangers
* 5 Liter per minute concentrator

Reoxygenating the body by using LiveO2 and LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast may:

  • Reoxygenate Endothelial Tissues and Blood;
  • Counteract Stress and its Harmful Effects;
  • Facilitate Detoxifcation and a Return to Homeostasis;
  • Support optimal Natural Immunity;
  • Maximize Athletic Performance.

Live O2 therapy puts oxygen into your body's water. Live O2 is similar to hyper therapy. A hyper chamber pushes oxygen into your boy's water fluids with external pressure. Live O2 uses your own body's heart and lungs to do the same thing. Under proper conditions you own body's lungs can push in at least 10X more oxygen into your bodys water than commonly available hyper chambers. hyper therapy elevate your bodys fluid oxygen levels almost 2X normal. Live O2 on the other hand using your own body's heart and lungs can reach up to 20 time normal. Live O2 has a powerful and fast effect mostly because it easily exceeds the critical threshold of 4X plasma oxygen. 

Common hyper chambers create about half the water oxygen saturation need for this therapy to take effect. In a human body repertory turbulence works like bubbles in a fish bowl. Just as fast moving oxygen rich air transfer oxygen into water. Hard breathing fast, fast heart rate and oxygen rich air pushes oxygen into your body's water. This water carries the oxygen everywhere including your lymphatic system and often has an immediate benefit. Blood plasma with 4X the normal oxygen levels restores choked off circulation. Lymphatic oxygen gives white blood cells and the immune system up to 19X more energy. Vascular clearing always causes detoxification. This is guaranteed. Toxins and cellular waste trapped by choked circulation will exit your tissue and enter your blood and lymph within 3 minutes at a pulse over 110 BPM.

You are a detox candidate if you do not exercise once weekly with a pulse rate over 130 BPM or you don't sweat during workout or if you have any chronic condition. Detox candidates should limit their initial session to 5 minutes or be prepared for detox symptoms as the body discards toxins mobilized during the Live O2 session. You can expect increased body and breathe odor as volatile toxins exit through the lungs and skin. You might get liver or gallbladder sensations possibly followed by bowel clearance. You might have increased urine flow. You might get night sweats as the body eliminates and lymphatic toxins through the skin. Prickly heat sometimes happens as increased lymphatic toxins can irritate the skin. OR you might have jitter/anxiety as mobilized neuro-toxin can antagonize the nervous system temporarily. These detoxification effects usually resolve within 24 to 48 hours. All users report reduced fatigue and an improved sense of well being immediately following Live O2 regardless of their detoxification results. A 200% increase has been measured in lymphatic oxygen over 1 week of therapy.

This explains how live O2 up regulates the immune system. White blood cells are called lymphocytes because they spend most of the time in the lymphatic system. Like the fish in a fish bowl, this extra oxygen gives lymphocytes more energy to do their job. Several users reported fever up to 102 degrees 24 to 48 hours after therapy as their new energized immune systems cleaned house. Your first live O2 session take between 5 and 15 minutes.

The goal is to reintroduce you and your body to the oxygen level of youth. This unique system uses very rich oxygen for a short period of time as you rest in a sauna, run on a treadmill or ride a recumbent bicycle. The method is safe and has been in continuous use for over 30 years in Europe. The intensity and speed of your therapeutic response depends on 3 factor. First how much stress has disrupted your metabolism, your core strength and the repertory turbulence that you achieve during therapy which depends on your heart repertory rate. Metabolically fit individually experience full therapy benefits within 15 minutes. For other only capable of modest activity that increases their heart rate only 10% can require up to 36 hours to experience these benefits.



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