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Professional Ozone Steam Sauna Cabinet
$3,495.00 inc. tax


Professional Ozone Steam Sauna Cabinet. Ozone Ready

This Portable Home Steam Sauna  weighs 75 pounds and has wheels in the rear also has easily labeled parts for easy setup.

Unlike other saunas, the Portable Home Steam Sauna includes a steam dispersing device.  This way you don't have to worry about the risk of steam burns that comes with single outlet hoses.

The Portable Home Steam Sauna doesn't need plumbing, wiring or time draining maintenance.  You don't even need tools to set it up.  Just pour water into the high performance steamer, plug it into any standard outlet,  and in a few minutes you'll be luxuriating in your own steam sauna!  

With the Portable Home Steam Sauna you get the durable sauna cabinet, steam dispersing footplate, supply hose, steamer and connecting hose. 

Additional Benefits

  • 4 adjustable seat settings.
  • Combine it easily with other beauty and therapy products
  • You'll sweat rapidly, cleansing your pores so your skin shines
  • Steam promotes blood circulation, may ease fatigue and reduces stress
  • The sauna's waterproof technology holds in the heat
  • Works great with ozone therapy


The steam unit fill-up is housed under the seat inside the unit


  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 300 pounds
  • User Height: The best measurement for height is from the seat to the neck opening, due to variations in leg size. Sit in a chair and measure the height from the chair to the top of your shoulders to find your torso height. The Steam Sauna Pro accommodates people with torso heights ranging from approximately 20.5” to 26”.
  • Dimensions: 47" H x 37" L x 27" W
  • Floor Space: 37" L x 27" W
  • Timer: 60 Minutes
  • Temperature Settings: up to 131F (55C)
  • Warranty: Five Year Limited on Shell and 3 Year warranty on Electronics
  • Power Input: Choose 120VAC, 50-60Hz, 12.5 amps OR 220VAC, 50-60Hz,  6.82 amps

We have added an option to order a complete systems with includes a 5 LPM  Olive Oxygen Concentrator and WPS100 Ozone Generator. All hoses are included with the Complete system. The total cost for a complete systems is $4585.



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