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Rejuvelon Suppository Catalyse and SOD By Remedylink
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As our bodies age, they experience an increased concentration of harmful free radicals and a decreased concentration of antioxidants which defend against them. This imbalance is at the root of many aging-related problems like grey hair, hair loss, and wrinkled skin. Improve your antioxidant concentration and fight the effects of aging with Rejuvelon.

  • Catalase supports hair follicles against greying
  • Superoxide dismutase supports skin health and hair thickness
  • Melatonin fights against wrinkles and promotes a healthy sleep schedule
  • Magnesium di-potassium EDTA added for heavy metal detoxification

Catalase, Hydrogen peroxide, and the Roots of Grey Hair

The central cause of grey hair is the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide- an antioxidant produced naturally in the body to fight off infections and toxins. Catalase is an enzyme antioxidant which functions to break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen within the body. However, as we age our bodies produce less and less catalase. Without a strong supply of it, hydrogen peroxide will build-up and bleach hair follicles from the inside out. Hydrogen peroxide can cause other health problems by attaching itself to various tissues and strands of DNA throughout the body. Improving catalase levels through supplementation has been shown to reduce hydrogen peroxide build-ups and fight against greying hair.1

The problem with supplementing for Catalase is that the molecules fail to survive passage through the digestive system. Suppository intake has been shown to increase the bioavailability of catalase and significantly improve the catalase levels of recipients.

The Key to Hair Thickness

With old age the body tends to accumulate excess levels of a free radical compound know as superoxide. Studies have shown that buildups of superoxide in follicles of hair are a direct factor in hair loss. Superoxide dismutase is a powerful enzyme antioxidant naturally produced in the body to break down superoxide into oxygen or hydrogen peroxide. Improving superoxide dismutase levels in the body is a great way to fight against hair loss and support the body against the other negative effects of excess superoxide levels.

Why Skin Wrinkles with Age and How to Avoid it

One other negative effect of a superoxide buildup is that it can fragment and cross-link collagen throughout the dermal layer of the skin. This fragmentation and cross-linking is a central cause behind the thinning, sagging and wrinkling of skin that are familiar symptoms of old age. 3 Superoxide dismutase supplementation is key to keeping the skin supported against damage from free radicals and other issues raised with advanced age.

Melatonin is a naturally-produced hormone best known for regulating sleep cycles, however it has also been found to fight against the wrinkling of skin among other negative effects of toxicity and cross-linking. It does so by engaging in cleaning activities during sleep which help to flush accumulations of toxic substances and their cross-linked products. This detoxification process is thought to be one of the primary reasons why a healthy sleep schedule, and healthy melatonin levels, are necessary for human health and well-being.4 The added melatonin will also provide aid to those who are struggling to keep a regular sleep schedule.

Ingredients: Catalase 75,000 IU, superoxide dismutase 1,000 IU, melatonin 3mg, magnesium di-potassium EDTA 20 mg and organic cocoa butter.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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