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Vitality Colostrum
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About the Vitality Colostrum Company

The company was founded on 3 principles focused around quality and their clients: offer high product quality, provide highest possible value, and offer honesty and transparency about all their products. It is located in Utah USA.

Vitality Colostrum Review Factors:

Effectiveness – Vitality Colostrum is formulated to have 30% Immunoglobulin which may offer the maximum potential benefit. It is enterically coated to bypass the stomach acids undamaged and make it into the small intestines where is it absorbed. Vitality Colostrum is a NON-GMO product, guaranteed to yield 30% immunoglobulin and yields 1000 mg per serving. 4 
*Individual results may vary.

Safety – Vitality Colostrum is considered to be a very natural and safe supplement, Vitality Colostrum a NON-GMO product, is produced here in the USA in an FDA registered facility. Colostrum in general, based on available research studies, has no known interactions, based on this it should be safe to take with other supplements and medication that you may be already taking. Regardless of this, we always suggest it is always best to consult your family physician when starting a new supplement.4

Company Reputation – the founders of Vitality Colostrum, built the company on providing top quality products and individual service to each and every customer. This was very evident in our experience and the reviews online.5

Customer Reviews – Vitality Colostrum ranks highest amongst customer reviews based on online research. Customers report great results, fast shipping and a very good and friendly customer service experience.4,5,6
*Individual results may vary.

Purity and Potency – Vitality Colostrum comes from Cows that are on an all natural diet in the USA and grass fed without any antibiotics or added hormones and are NON-GMO. They guarantee that each of their capsules yields 30% or more immunoglobulin, and each serving is 1000mgs. Also with VItality Colostrum being produced in an FDA registered facility, they also send it to an independent third party testing facility for additional testing.4

Customer Service – when ordering vitality colostrum, we were impressed at the level of personal service received from this company. We received a follow-up call verifying our address. Our order was shipped out the same day, and we received a follow up email with a tracking code and order information.4

Overall - After a comparative review Vitality Colostrum seems to have one of the highest concentration of Immunoglobulin on the market, indicating it is of the highest quality Colostrum products available.4

Return Policy – Vitality Colostrum is backed by a 90-day full money back policy. Accorinding to their website, It is completely risk free and with no hassle or long questions asked by their staff.4Shipping and handling is non refundable.

Supplement Facts:


Take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach with a full glass of water.


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