Helplessly watch your heart melt as you watch Petey's journey

Here, you’ll learn how sweet little Petey, our champion canine friend, couldn’t wait to get inside the hyperbaric chamber. Petey had to go through a major invasive surgery with an unavoidable painful and uncomfortable path to recovery according to his surgeon. But, Petey’s undaunted mom did something remarkable.

Hear firsthand how Dilbert Buckley remarkably lowered 14 points (very rare) in the Universal Perkinson Disease Rating Score (UPDRS) when 5 points are considered a significant improvement

Although Delbert was familiar with the potential benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for certain diagnoses under medical supervision, he had no prior knowledge of potential HBOT benefits for Parkinson’s disease. Now, hear Delbert’s exceptional journey under the supervision of his physician (and his reaction) when Delbert went through HBOT therapies for 4 months. delbert couldn’t be any happier. Do you have someone like Delbert among your family and friends? Watch until the end. You will be glad you did!

Experience the Best of Technology and Wellness with Oxygen Health Systems: Hyperbaric Sessions for a Better Life

When it comes to technology, these are the best times in human history. From information to health, travel to wellness, there are endless options available at our disposal today than ever before. Life is sweet, full of surprises and knowledge is power. Here at Oxygen Health Systems, we’re practical about life and hence, help educate and prepare our clients for life’s challenges, and little lumps and bumps that catch us off guard when least expected. Using some of the best innovations, our goal is to get you and your loved ones back on track so you can do what you enjoy.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to witness how some of our clients found hyperbaric sessions to be tremendously beneficial. But, don’t take our word for it. Read the story below and click to see for yourself before and after hyperbaric sessions.