White Glove Delivery

Premium Service Overview

White Glove Delivery is a premium service that provides the highest level of care and attention when transporting and installing large, specialized equipment like hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Team of Professionals

Utilizing a team of up to four highly trained professionals, this service ensures the safe delivery and set-up of these delicate, complex machines to homes and facilities across the country.

Coordinated Effort

The four-person crew works in perfect synchronization, drawing on their extensive experience to meticulously handle every step of the process.

Unloading Process

Upon arrival, they methodically unload the chamber from the delivery truck, taking great care to avoid any jostling or impacts that could potentially damage the sensitive components.

Navigating to the Location

Once inside the facility, the team navigates tight corridors and doorways with precision, guiding the bulky, awkwardly shaped chamber to its designated location.

Specialized Equipment and Techniques

At times, using specialized lifting equipment and practiced techniques, the crew expertly maneuvers the chamber into place, aligning it perfectly in the requested location.

Skill and Coordination

This demanding task requires exceptional strength, dexterity, and problem-solving skills, as the team must work together to overcome any obstacles or challenges that arise.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Throughout it all, they maintain the utmost cleanliness, wearing protective shoe coverings when required in the home or facility, while keeping the environment pristine.

Completing the Job

Only after ensuring every aspect has been completed to the highest standards do the White Glove Delivery technicians depart, removing all packaging upon departure.

Follow-up Installation

Once delivered, the logistical team leader contacts the professional installer for a follow-up visit for the final installation process of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Peace of Mind

This concierge-level service provides peace of mind, knowing that this valuable equipment has been entrusted to a team of true professionals.