Following are the Financing Company's facilities to get a flexible loan to buy our Chambers.

1. Upstart Finance | Personal Financing

Personal Financing for Home Users

How it works:

1. Click here and follow the link to start your application.

2. Check your rates with 5 minutes without affecting your credit score.

3. Fill out your info and you will receive your financing options instantly.

4. 99% of funds are sent within 1 day of signing.

5. Choose from 3- or 5-year terms with no penalty if you pay off your loan early.

6. *43% lower rates as compared to a credit score-only model

Commercial Financing for Medical Practices

How it works:

1. Click here and fill out this application and send it to the email address provided at the bottom of the application or call +1 (320) 429 – 1113 for approval. The approval process takes up to 2 hours. Click here to see your payment options.

2. Once approved there will be paperwork for your business to fill out. Send in the paperwork and the funds will be sent to Healing The Hyperbaric Way directly and your order will be shipped.

3. No down payment is required, loan financing options up to 7 years, and no penalty for early payoff.

Equipment Financing

How it works:

1. Click here then Fill the form and submit to start your application.

2. Contact the following person for rapid action

Naisha Hemphill

Business Financing Director
[office] 425-296-8273
[cell/text] (714) 910-6081