Hyperbaric Chamber Safety Features: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

At our facility, the safety of both practitioners and patients is our top priority. Our hyperbaric chambers are designed with state-of-the-art safety features, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience. Although hyperbaric chamber use is widely regarded as safe in the medical industry, we recognize the importance of mitigating any potential risks. Our comprehensive safety measures include:

Gradual Pressurization

Chambers pressurize gradually, allowing staff to assess patient comfort and address any discomfort promptly.

Emergency Alarm Control

Patients can alert staff immediately via an interphone system in case of any emergency.

Emergency Pressure Relief Valve

This feature reduces chamber pressure swiftly in emergency situations.

Intercom Phone System:

Facilitates easy and continuous communication between patients and staff.

Easy Entry and Exit

Our unique sliding door design on hard chambers ensures quick and convenient access

Interior Controls

Allow single-user operation of all features, eliminating the need for supervised assistance.

Interior Grounding Mat

Mitigates static charge and provides additional health benefits during sessions.

Automatic Safe Depressurization

In the event of a power loss, the system depressurizes slowly and safely.,

Internal Emergency Door Release

An emergency button inside the chamber allows patients to exit swiftly if needed.

Power Outage Alarm

Notifies customers of any power disruptions, allowing them to manage the chamber as usual.

Triple Redundant Balance Valves

Efficiently exhaust excess air and flush out CO2, ensuring a safe environment.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Provides a safe and effective way to maintain a comfortable temperature within the chamber

These advanced safety features highlight our commitment to providing a secure and reliable hyperbaric treatment experience. Your safety and comfort are always our top priority.

Please feel free to contact your Oxygen Health System Representative for further information at (630) 812-7865 or by emailing us at sales@oxygenhealthsystems.com .