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Hydrogen Inhalation therapy shows promise in hospitals across Japan

Clinical research for hydrogen inhalation therapy in more than 10 hospitals across Japan has proved it can help patients who have suffered from cardiac arrests. The research, initially conducted on laboratory rats in 2012, proved that damage to brain functions and heart muscle tissues was reduced by inhaling hydrogen (H2) after cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The research accelerated from February this year, and patients who had been resuscitated after cardiopulmonary arrest were given a mixture

Latest Published Hydrogen Study

Following is the Summary of the Article, download the complete report below "This review and others 1 2 29 55 56 73 77 79 212 have documented that the clinical use of hydrogen is quite promising for the treatment of many acute and chronic illnesses and conditions, as well as its utility in support of the maintenance of good health. What started in Japan and the Far East as preliminary results on the clinical use of hydrogen has now continued there and elsewhere, to the point where there are now

Leaky Gut and Zonulin What is the connection

Through research I have been doing, I read about a study done in 2009 that explains the cause of leaky gut- and how it occurs A recently discovery by a Dr Fasano called Zonulin has been found in excess in almost every autoimmune condition(rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Hashimotos, Celiac, Diabetes 1 to name a few). Our intestine has cells that line it and are bound together by structures known as tight junctions. These junctions are made of many different proteins that extend from the


If there is one thing all diseases have in common, it s inflammation. Whether you are suffering from the common cold, diabetes, or cancer, your body s natural reaction is to try and neutralise the infection, repair the wound, or restore reactive processes back to normal. All these processes create inflammation. Controlled amounts of inflammation at the right time are beneficial. But if allowed to persist for long periods of time, even at low levels, the consequences of inflammation can be disast

Turmeric Does what Chemotherapy Can’t: Turmeric Blocks Cancer Growth Naturally

With the latest studies in this field, it is expected that these substance will increase their popularity because the studies suggest that curcumin and turmeric blocks cancer growth. The active ingredient in turmeric can stop the activity of an enzyme that stimulates the expansion and growth of neck and head cancer. A team of researchers from the famous UCLA have confirmed that curcumin the active and basic component found in turmeric which actually gives the distinctive yellow color of turmeric

Alleviating Congestive Heart Failure with CoQ10 Coenzyme

One of the most frequent causes of hospital admissions in older adults is the devastating condition known as congestive heart failure. Characterized by disabling symptoms of difficulty breathing, fatigue, and swelling of the extremities, congestive heart failure also increases the risk of early demise. Fortunately, scientists have discovered that the mitochondrial energizer coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can offer powerful assistance to those challenged with congestive heart failure, improving the heart s

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