Reducing Mold in Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Reducing Mold in Your Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Maintaining a clean and mold-free hyperbaric oxygen chamber is of the utmost importance for ensuring the safety and efficiency of specialized equipment. The warm, humid environments inside a hyperbaric chamber provide a perfect breeding ground for mold, which can quickly proliferate and release harmful spores into the air.

Clean the Chamber with 70% Alcohol

To prevent mold, regular and thorough cleaning is essential. Begin by wiping down all interior surfaces with a minimum of 70% alcohol solution or other approved antimicrobial cleaners, paying close attention to hard-to-reach areas that may harbor hidden mold growth.

Proper Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Proper ventilation is also key. Run the chamber’s air conditioning system regularly to cycle fresh air through and filter out lingering spores.

Humidity Levels in the Dehumidifier

Additionally, monitor humidity levels carefully and consider installing a dehumidifier if the chamber tends to get overly damp.

Humidifier Cups Should be Emptied

Always empty the humidifier cups and check under the mattress for moisture.

The Chamber Location

The chamber should be operated in a controlled environment, not outside. The chamber should be left in a position to allow air flow when it’s not in use, so do not pack it away.

Periodic Chamber Inspections

It is also wise to perform periodic inspections, checking for any signs of mold development and addressing issues promptly before they worsen.

With diligent cleaning, air circulation, and moisture control, you can keep that critical hyperbaric oxygen chamber pristine and ready for safe, effective treatments every time.

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